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MovieComm Preview

Below are a few previews of how MovieComm can engage the people in your organization, school, community etc...

MovieComm Previews

Who is MovieComm?
We use legally approved, motivational movie clips to help today's leaders lead...

MovieComm has legal access to thousands of ad free, customizable Hollywood movie clips which are designed to help today’s leaders communicate in a whole new way. Doesn’t matter if you’re a corporate leader, professor, trainer, or a coach, we provide an innovative tool to help make your messages come to life in a short, entertaining and memorable manner.

So if you’re looking to engage your audience, be it in the workplace, the classroom or on remote learning platforms like Zoom, we have some of the best movie scenes, from some of the most inspirational movies, just for you.

When a human relationship depends on Likability, Competency and Trust...How do you know there is Trust...? How is it measured...?

What if... ? One had #kN0wEXPECTATIONz ...? What if 1/6 is a business model...?

When Life happenz and feels like you are on a roller coaster with the Minions and Gru...?

FAMOUS MOVIE LINE "What if you lose?"
When One appears to be different...? When One seems to Think Different...? When One Questions Different...? What if the One you need to play the Game, solve the Puzzle, mitigate the Problem is just that One...? 

John Nash is taunted and teased for being different. Watch to see John believe in himself when nobody else does. His failures will only turn into greater successes in the future.

Robin Williams and his role as Patch Adams conveys a message for humanity... Indifference...? Is NOT Different...?

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