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By becoming a member of the Rotary Club of International Friendship, you not only invest in your personal and professional growth but also contribute to the club's mission of fostering friendship, promoting understanding, and making a positive difference in the world. Join us in building a more connected and compassionate global community.

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Cybersecurity is constantly evolving. You should too. Every day cybercriminals rewrite the book, and every day cyber defenders fall further and further behind — until now.

The Friendship Institute is a pilot program of the International Friendship Rotary Club and is one of their Camp Fires.

To empower a unified community for chromosome 8p heroes for a meaningful life today while accelerating treatments for tomorrow.

As your FlowPartner, our role is to simplify the complexity of people management. From recruiting and hiring to onboarding and training, we'll help you ensure your people have the skills, competencies and motivation they need to do their very best work every day — whether they are working remotely or on-site; independently or within a functional team.

NUTS Technologies develops data management platforms and secure portable data solutions. We provide automated encryption and private sharing of sensitive documents capabilities within organizations and across domains.

Seersite is a place for executives to connect. We believe the knowledge and decisions made by people at this level are what really move the needle.

Seersite was conceived as an online version of a high end investment conference - a kind of virtual Sun Valley - where conversations that support important decisions flow freely between members.

​Our platform was developed by Wall Street and venture capital veterans who envisioned a better, more transparent, way to network and exchange ideas without all of the noise and friction.

Moxy eSports is a game mode that requires an entry fee by participating players. Entry fees create a rewards pool. Winners receive the rewards pool at the conclusion of the game.


Capital Integrated Health is on a mission to create a revolution in healthcare by educating, leading and inspiring people towards optimal health and true wellbeing. Dr. Wong just launched an Integrated Medical Concierge service and is a member of International Friendship Rotary Club

MovieComm has legal access to thousands of ad free, customizable Hollywood movie clips which are designed to help today’s leaders communicate in a whole new way. Doesn’t matter if you’re a corporate leader, professor, trainer, or a coach, we provide an innovative tool to help make your messages come to life in a short, entertaining and memorable manner.

Human-Centric AI
We advocate for AI that is human-centric, designed to enhance human experiences and interactions, not replace them, emphasizing the importance of human qualities.

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