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The SuccesGenome QUEST... ? A Story...?

The SuccessGenome™ is a protocol that provides individuals with a purpose-driven quest to achieve a fulfilling and successful life. The SuccessGenome™ is based on the idea that humans need connection and exchange with other humans to experience well-being and fulfillment. The protocol is built on the laws of nature, the Law of Attraction, and the power of thoughts and questions. 

The SuccessGenome™ provides individuals with daily interaction and engagement to liberate, empower, and celebrate their talents, passions, and motivations. The protocol is designed to help individuals understand themselves from a subjective and objective perspective, using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs as a guide. The SuccessGenome™ breaks down success components into dynamic data points that are imbued with a Benevolent Intelligent Networked Kind (BiNK) Operating System 

BiNK is an Augmented Personal Intelligence System™ (APIS™) that interacts with individuals and reminds them of their Quest and NorthStar toward their OzVision. 

BiNK helps individuals connect with the people, places, and ideas they need to achieve their purpose-driven quest. The SuccessGenome™ incorporates cognitive behavior therapy techniques and a virtual coach mentor capability to support individuals along the way. 

The protocol is designed to serve the human on their quest for meaning and purpose and is focused on creating feelings of connectedness and bonding essential to overall well-being.

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